Tenancy Arrangements Medophall

Time-enabled Map showing Tenancy Arrangements, Medophall, 1858-1914

This map shows how the type of tenancy arrangement changed over time. The information was derived from the Courtown Estate rentals (TCD MS 11183/V/124, 125, 130, 134, 137, 140 and 145). The map was created using ArcMap software. The key is shown above the map, and the year is displayed at the top of the map.

In 1858 much of the land was held under leases (shown in red), with the remainder being on a tenant at will basis (shown in beige). The fifth earl of Courtown did not favour leases and over the next twenty years, the leases start to drop and more farms are held at will, beige replacing red. After the 1881 land act, the agents treat tenants at will as yearly tenants, and gradually the tenants start applying for judicial rents (shown in green). By 1912 there is just a small cluster of yearly tenants, and two leaseholders.


Tenancy at Will


Yearly Tenancy

Judicial Tenancy